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1. Crowdfunding – what is it?


Crowdfunding is a way of collecting funds through online platform, when persons with an idea collect money for their project from individuals in different amounts. The essence of crowdfunding is that money are invested from people to other people. Crowdfunding may be of different types:

  • Reward-based – investment is made for non-monetary reward, such as goods or services.
  • Donation-based – donors donate without any remuneration, for the emotion.
  • Equity crowdfunding – when investors give the money, they get a small piece of equity in the company itself (shares, part of real estate);
  • Debt crowdfunding (also, P2P lending) – investment is made in to the loan, seeking to regain not only the invested sum, but also interest as well.

2. PROFITUS – who are we?

PROFITUS is a crowdfunding platform, which acts as a mediator between those who want to invest and those want to receive funding. The investment opportunities provided on the PROFITUS platform are always secured by mortgage. PROFITUS raises money for the development of real estate projects and other business loans; however, in all cases the borrower must pledge real estate as a guarantee to the investors.

3. How do we work?

PROFITUS selects and places projects on its website, and invites businesses and people to invest in these projects under the terms and conditions provided for in the description. Real estate is pledged as a guarantee to the investors, so that the investments will be repaid and the interests foreseen in the project are ensured.

PROFITUS ensures that the borrower pays the investors in due time and fully represents the interests of the investors. On the other hand, PROFITUS assists those businesses interested in raising funding from many investors, by processing the documents and offering a platform that serves as an easy way of establishing settlements with investors.

4. Why does PROFITUS only host projects related to real estate?

Real estate in Lithuania is considered to be one of the most attractive investments because it is:

  • Inflation-resistant
  • Generates additional income
  • Is tangible.

Besides this, Lithuanians consider real estate to be one of the safest investments. This is why all the projects placed on the Profitus website are secured by collateral.

5. Are the activities of PROFITUS regulated?

The activities of the platform operator PROFITUS are supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. In addition, as a platform operator, PROFITUS is included in the Public List of Crowdfunding Platform Operators and operates in accordance with the Law on Crowdfunding, the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Legal Protection of Personal Data, the Rules for the Assessment of Acceptability of Funding from Crowdfunding Platform Operators to Sponsors and the Reliability of Project Owners, and the Law on Companies. Therefore, the activities of the PROFITUS platform are regulated and supervised quite strictly.

6. What projects are funded on the PROFITUS platform?

PROFITUS raises money for the development of real estate for various purposes and other types of business loans, with collateral as a guarantee to the investors. If you are interested in our funding opportunities, please contact us in the following ways: by telephone +37063760776, or by e-mail

7. What is the basis for transfers on the PROFITUS platform?

The PROFITUS platform itself does not carry out monetary operations. Your cash transfers are carried out through the Paysera system integrated on the platform.

8. What is the principle of project owner’s risk assessment?

The risk is assessed pursuant to the Law on Crowdfunding, with an internal algorithm for the assessment of the project and the project owner which results in the assignment of a credit rating to the project (A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D). The internal algorithm is calculated based on the information obtained from state and other registries, as well as the reports of independent real estate assessors and our internal professional analysts.

9. Whom PROFITUS cooperate with?

In order to comply with the law, PROFITUS consults with the Bank of Lithuania. Monetary transactions on the platform are conducted in partnership with PAYSERA. The compliance of the legal framework with the law is discussed with lawyers from the TVINS and SORAINEN offices. The risk profile of the project and the project owner is assessed based on the information provided by CREDITINFO.

10. Do I have to pay for the registration on the PROFITUS platform?

Registration for natural persons (both for the Investor and the Project Owner) is completely free.

11. How to create a PROFITUS account?

An account can be created by pressing the button „Sign in“ on the right-hand corner of the page and by filling in a brief registration form. Don’t forget to identify yourself because then you will get detailed information about the real estate project.

12. What would happen if PROFITUS’s business collapses?

PROFITUS acts only as a mediator, so when the activities cease, the relation between the investor and the project owner would become direct. Since the assets of the project owner are pledged to the platform, which, according to law, represents the interests of investors, the assets would remain the property of investors.

13. How to transfer money from/to Paysera account?

To add money to your account, you must do the following:

1. Sign up/sign in on PROFITUS.

2. When you access the PROFITUS self-service, you see your status on the left side of the upper corner: Your identity has been confirmed/Please confirm your identity If the identity is confirmed, you can already invest. If you see that your identity has not been confirmed, follow the instructions below.

3. To confirm your identity, click on the “Confirm your identity” field. Complete the questionnaire and you will be directed to the Paysera Identification Environment. Then, follow Paysera’s instructions.

4. If you return to the PROFITUS self-service and see the cash balance on your PAYSERA account with your account name, your identity confirmation was successful. You can now invest.

Transfers from the PAYSERA account to another bank are the same as in banks. To do this, fill in the recipient’s details, indicate the bank account number and purpose. In order to transfer money from PAYSERA to another payment system, you will need to provide the customer’s number or other details of that system depending on the payment system.

The PAYSERA account can be added money from any bank in the world or by sending cash through PAYSERA’s affiliate network. When you sign in to your PAYSERA’s account and select the “Add money”, you just have to choose which way you want to add money to the account. You will get detailed instructions after choosing the desired way of adding money to the account.

14. When do you start calculating interest?

Interest is accrued from the next business day after the acceptance of the collateral and the transfer of money to the borrower.

15. Why do you ask for my personal number when confirming my identity?

The personal number is used to identify the investor, as required by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

16. I selected a wrong PAYSERA account when confirming my identity. How do I change it?

Sign in to the PROFITUS account, click on the blue note “Confirm identity with another account” on the top menu and retry identity confirmation via PAYSERA.

17. Why does Profitus request additional documents for identification and the completion of a customer questionnaire?

Crowdfunding platform operators and other financial institutions must comply with the requirements of the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing and must properly identify their customer, by implementing the principle of Know Your Customer (KYC).

On this basis, Profitus requests information on its customer’s identity, activities and planned transactions on the Platform, and asks them to fill in the customer questionnaire.

The law prohibits us from entering into transactions with customers who have failed to provide us with the necessary information. Thus, if a customer fails to provide the requested documents after a repeated request, the performance of the transactions with the customer may be suspended (e.g. they will not be allowed to invest in Projects or publish them, payments will be suspended, etc., until the provision of the requested documents) and information on the customer may be transferred to the responsible public authorities.

In such a case, the funds invested and the interest paid to you will remain safe, and you may recover them as soon as you have provided the requested information and/or documents.

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